Ma men and their genes

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I have always considered my son to be a relatively shrewd individual.  He is quite aware of his surroundings and of the people he interacts with. Or so I thought until today morning.

I have been growing my hair out for a while now. I donated 10 inches of it yesterday and converted from a long braid/ponytail to a bob. My hair does not even reach my shoulders now. So it is a big change if you get it. My dear son and husband came with me to the salon as they wanted to see how it was done, then when I got home with the new haircut, not a single reaction from him (V I mean). I took a shower, came down and asked if he noticed my hair cut. Zilch, nada and nothing! So I figured ok maybe kids don’t notice these things and then went about our usual routine. I fed him dinner, took him to bed. And woke him up today morning and again asked him about my hair. Nothing still. Oh well.

Then we had breakfast and I took him to daycare. I open the door hardly a crack to the Giraffes’ room and I hear in a loud voice.  

Seany* asks “ Heyyy..your hair is short! You cut it?”

And my son just walks oblivious to all this towards him and shows Seany* his Spiderman toy.

Sigh..why are all the men ONLY in my family like this???

*Seany is V's best friend and Spiderman buddy at daycare

Ten Ways to Bring the Zing Back in your life

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Here is an article I wrote for this month's - Nov 2011 issue of Spark. Very often we find ourselves stuck in a rut, not sure of what we are doing, wondering if we are happy. Here are some ways that one can constantly find happiness, live tension free and enjoy every minute of a life that is so short!

For the love of knives

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When you see the words "Uma" do you say it "uma" or "Uuma"?
Do the names "Kill Bill", "Quentin Tarantino" and "Hattori Hanzo" ring a bell?

If you have no idea what I am talking about; then I am sorry that you have spent this much time of your life not knowing about this phenomenon. Please read this and this before you proceed.

I was introduced to QT and to Kill Bill not too long ago and though I normally don't watch gory, blood thirsty movies, somehow this was different. Somehow I could see myself rooting for The Bride and wanting her to taste revenge. And the build up for the Hattori Hanzo sword, I wanted to hold it in my hands as much as she did.

If on your journey you should encounter God, God will be cut.

I was looking for steel too, Japanese Steel. So, now let us not get carried away since I am no Uuma and not out to kill any vermin, the knife I was looking for was for my kitchen. And when I felt this knife for the first time and sliced it through that carrot, I knew my search had ended and I had found the knife of my dreams. I am talking about the Santoku.

I am sorry that I spent these many years not knowing the feel of this and not enjoying the way it slices through almost anything {yes, be careful of your fingers}. I have always enjoyed chopping but with this new find, it takes on a new meaning and I look forward to my cutting sessions every time. There are many brands out there (Wusthof Shun Henckels Chicago Cutlery Calphalon) and many stores that carry them (Amazon Cutco Williams-Sonoma Walmart Target)- go find your perfect match and don't delay any further. It will be love at first cut I assure you!

PS1. Do not use a glass cutting board, it will dull the knife and abruptly end your love affair.
PS2. Thank you Mayuravalli Mukunthan and Sangeetha Seshadri for showing me what I was missing all along.