Author: Anu Karthik /

So I think we all have our embarrassing moments and our stories to tell. I have had my share I should say, like the time

  • I don't remember the name of the person I am talking to and they remember me and my birthday!
  • Or when I spoke to a friend of mine for a good 10 minutes thinking her to be another friend with the same name only the friend I was talking to was expecting a baby and the one I was thinking of was just married..so it made for an interesting conversation.
  • Or the time when my professor caught me reading up on some useless movie stuff when I should have been working
  • Or the time my husband and I when dating, left a long mushy voicemail to each other on our friend's inbox. So if you ask me how that happened..well, we thought we were done with the conference call J Worse was when our friend's roommate came home to this voicemail. Yeah..that was embarrassing.
  • Or the time when you are watching a movie and SRK is holding Kajol's hands and looks into her eyes and just mouths words which you fail to hear b'cos at that time your heart is thumping and you feel really truly butterflies in your belly..and you are gaping with your mouth wide open , with just a little bit of drool and..god forbid your friends catch you in that midst..leads to endless merciless teasing..well, you get the picture!

So when I found out what V had in store for us, well it took embarrassment to a whole new level J

It was any other evening when it was time to change V's diaper. So the dutiful dad puts him on his mat and starts changing it. Right at that instant, the door bell rang. I was in the midst of dinner and went to get the door. We found out that we had a guest who we had to bring in. So what does my son decide to do..pee in the middle of the living room, thankfully mostly on his sheet. As we come in, I see my hubby holding a naked V with pee to clean and clothes sprawled all over the place..right in the middle of the living room. It was a sight to behold. Well, what can you say…so we pretended like this was normal and kept continuing to have a conversation and even offered our guest some juice. Needless to say, he refused.

I only keep thinking back to the incident I read about where the lady's child decided to throw a fully dirty diaper with poop all across the house, the day the realtor walked in with prospective buyers. Needless to say, the house did not sell. Well, nothing can be as bad as that right? Sigh!