Ma men and their genes

Author: Anu Karthik / Labels: , ,

I have always considered my son to be a relatively shrewd individual.  He is quite aware of his surroundings and of the people he interacts with. Or so I thought until today morning.

I have been growing my hair out for a while now. I donated 10 inches of it yesterday and converted from a long braid/ponytail to a bob. My hair does not even reach my shoulders now. So it is a big change if you get it. My dear son and husband came with me to the salon as they wanted to see how it was done, then when I got home with the new haircut, not a single reaction from him (V I mean). I took a shower, came down and asked if he noticed my hair cut. Zilch, nada and nothing! So I figured ok maybe kids don’t notice these things and then went about our usual routine. I fed him dinner, took him to bed. And woke him up today morning and again asked him about my hair. Nothing still. Oh well.

Then we had breakfast and I took him to daycare. I open the door hardly a crack to the Giraffes’ room and I hear in a loud voice.  

Seany* asks “ Heyyy..your hair is short! You cut it?”

And my son just walks oblivious to all this towards him and shows Seany* his Spiderman toy.

Sigh..why are all the men ONLY in my family like this???

*Seany is V's best friend and Spiderman buddy at daycare