Normal, what does that mean?

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At work I have seen this blind person. I checked out his badge and yes he was an employee. I have wondered many a time how he is able to do his work without eyesight when I struggle having all my senses. I have always been in awe of him. He is the only blind employee I have seen here.

Then one day I was taking the elevator to go down. Like in most places in the USA, restrooms are located right opposite the elevators at my work place too. This person was heading to the restroom.  There was cleaning going on and duct tape was in place, asking people to keep out. I could see that and was not sure if I could call out. He figured it out himself and immediately headed towards the elevator. 

Once I saw that I held the door open for him. He heard the "ding" of the elevator and heard me say hi. He said "Ah, so you could see me!". I was left openmouthed and thoughtful the rest of the day. How many times have I taken my sight for granted- every single day! 

What's normal for me is a gift for someone else. I thank God for these episodes in my life to make me realise that I should be thankful for what I have, so much! 

Try it and see

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Lovely weather, rolled down windows, open sunroof, Tanha Tanha blaring on the car stereo, goggles too big for my face, an empty road and cruising at 60 mph, home to a waiting V, makes my day any day!

p.s. did I mention 60 mph in a 45 mph zone, ha!