Single Parenting

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April 29th 2010

As someone who has had a mother who stayed at home and a dad who worked almost round the clock but mostly from our home, I have never been alone all my life. I have not known what it is to come to a home where hot tiffin is not ready. I have not experienced what it is to have only one parent or have someone you value very much living away from you for any period of time. 

With K being away due to work for the first time for a week, I am a single parent to Mr. V. What was meant to be a couple of days ended up being a WHOLE 5 days. I know it is not that long but try pausing on the 55555555 and maybe it will seem like. And while it has not been physically taxing, emotionally it has been extremely painful to say the least. It is not something I want to do anytime again.

And while I prod along waiting for him to arrive tomorrow, I have been thinking this whole week of all the single parents in this world who have so become either by choice or because of a lack of one. I have been thinking of the strength and endurance they must have to not only earn a living but to also hold the family together with no emotional support that you so unconditionally get from a good spouse. And worse still I think of the people who have had to lose someone they love and worse a child who has lost his parent and how the family would deal with that. The thought is unbearable for me, I pray for those who live that reality.

And I continue to learn lessons in humility and be in awe of the supreme and say my prayers with more fervency. And also be more thankful for what I have today and that K continues to not mind taking the trash out. 

P.S. This week's trash waits for him too.


Meera said...

Humility is the word... always learning to count your blessings!! It is so easy to take what we have for granted... how did V hold up??

MaySan said...

Paavam K!!

It is very tough Anu, to stay away from a partner...tougher than staying away from parents.

Prea Peter said...

Oh I completely understand. The one time I was left alone with Aria for a week while Alex was away at a conference was when she she about three months old! I went crazy! Was leaving voice mails on his phone like some desperately dumped gf. And now it's going to happen again this month but an enlightened Alex is going to be away for just three nights. Just three nights, yeah right!

As I like it said...

It is over now, I guess :)

Anu Karthik said...

@ meera: he missed K a lot actually we were both pretty surprised, but he ignored him the second day after he came :D
@ mayur: we even stay away from parents now but hard to be without the hubbies ille, no matter how much we crib about them :P
@ prea: i am like that everyday prea :) every minute seems like an hour when you are counting time.
@ meera2: yes, he got back and I made him promise he would never do this again :D

Swaps said...

hey Anu, Nice article, with my husband away most of the time, sometime two days (like now) sometimes weeks, it is very hard for single parenting.
One of my friends is a single mom to two boys, bless her soul. I can see her struggling everyday. times like these we really count our blessings.

Anu Karthik said...

@ Swaps: hey. that must be hard for you. I can only imagine. Yes, we do take many things for granted and I think such situations help us be more thankful to our spouses too :D

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