Indus Ladies Spl. for Mother's Day

Author: Anu Karthik / Labels: , wishes everyone a Happy Mother's Day! It provides all of us the opportunity to reflect back on the special relationship we have with our kids and/or our mothers (Also, see our Parenting & Kids Forum). 

For this Mother's Day, we are doing something special. 

We at have been consistently amazed by the incredible talent of Mommy Bloggers. If you have read even a few of them, you would be awed by how they provide expression to the emotions and sentiments that exist in the unique relationship between a mom and her kids. 

We want this tribe to flourish. For this mother's day, we want to pay tribute to our mommy bloggers and provide them exposure to the 1 Lakh members and Facebook/Twitter fans of Even if each of thesebloggers pick up a few regular readers as a result of this, we would consider this initiative successful. 

The attached E-Bbook has a list of over 50+ Mommy Blogs and over 250+ Blog Posts. Please download, enjoy and share!  Pick it up here e-book

Thank you Team


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