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  1. Losing their night’s sleep for what seems like forever and still continuing to smile and love the *being* that causes it J
  2. Reading the same story for the nth time with the exact same intonations and still feeling joy every time it is read if only to see that smile and the eyes light up!
  3.  Giving up taking strategic projects and influential roles just so she can come home to focus on her child learning his colors and abcs.
  4. Not knowing which date/day of the week it is because her measure of morning and night are by the teeth brushed, the mouth fed and the snuggles felt.
  5. Only a parent can understand that *color TV* literally means coloring the TV for some and take pride in the fact that their child can think cognitively.
  6. Shopping now means buying diapers, toys, puzzles and clothes always for someone else.
  7. Going through every hour of every day imagining the joy in picking up their child from childcare, searching for eye contact, in spotting that little head bobbing amongst the many others in the playground.
  8. Anything that does not get done in the 1 hr nap time that her child takes can wait.
  9. Joy and Sorrow take new meaning now because they are experienced through another being, in his/her smiles or tears. Being a mom is allowing a part of you to walk out of you.
  10. Feeling more pride in the fact that her child is potty trained than in the fact that she helps Moore's law become a reality or that Obama is visiting her workplace.

 Yeah I know the last part got your attention, right :P


Meera said...

Oh yeah.. it got my attn alright!!! But V does make your life colorful :))

Ruchika said...

11. Reaching work and checking if she is wearing all pairs of required clothings.

12. Suddenly reminiscing about a very familiar smell while working in cube..realizing later its a poopy diaper smell, that you have just had too much of!

Anu Karthik said...

@Meera: He actually does add meaning to everything I do and helps me in my quest to become to a better human being. And most important of all you finally learn where your priorities lie :)
@ Ruchika: :):) You are going through it all again now :)

Sheela said...

13. Finding new reserves of patience and energy that I knew never existed before the kids entered my life.

I was nodding along knowingly at each of your list items in this post, beautifully written!

Indeed my kids are teaching me to be
a better person each day, and I have a lot to learn!

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