An eventful sabbatical

Author: Anu Karthik / Labels:

No..I am not ready for one though I so wish I were! One of the reasons I have always wanted to work at Intel is because of the lure of the sabbatical. I have always associated a sabbatical with a vacation and to the best of my knowledge probably 90% of other people do the same. I found out that it could be much much more from talking to a co-worker who adopted a child during hers. How wonderful and special !

I have always loved children and have wondered how some people part with theirs to make them orphans. Sometimes life leaves you with no choice but there are many other times when maybe you have an option? I salute all those who change the lives these children are destined to by taking them as their own. I have no words for people who have children of their own who still adopt other kids and are able to love and provide for them equally. I wish to have their compassion.

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