Mr. Karthik, Vrushab Karthik saves the day

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Ever since we booked our tickets to PHX I have been apprehensive about how Mr.V was going to handle the flight. The first and only time he flew was when we moved from Nashville and at that time he wailed quite loud and we had to ahem..give him a little something. He has grown much more, his voice has gotten much louder and as a result his amma had gotten more concerned :)

We took him to a friend's for lunch a week ago and we had not as much stepped into their house when he screamed his lungs out. The poor lady had only said "Hi Vrushab" to be met with this response :( With no success, an unhappy mommy brought him home and ate a leftover burrito. Needless to say my apprehension nearly tripled and I spent a sleepless week.

But when the D day arrived, he took us by surprise and how! This kid actually liked to fly and enjoyed his time. He was calling out to every passenger and actually making sounds of glee. Though sometimes he screeched like a cat I thought. He spent a good 10 minutes looking out of the window at all the lights when we landed, this kid does not fail to surprise me I can tell you that much. The horrid take offs and landings did not bother him at all, and he did not bat an eyelid. The only thing that did not change from home to car to flight was his total reluctance to focus on more than one thing for say more than 30 secs...sigh! I really wish sometimes he had short term memory loss so I could show him the same thing over and over. And as for my love of watching movies, especially Karan Johar ones, for now they go out the door unless something really changes and Bollywood decides 1 min movies are the way to go..ha.


Valli Doll said...

Strange are the way kids can be :) Just remember his Seattle trip and how he is now. Looking forward to seeing him soon in Seattle!

Anu Karthik said...

but now he is back to hating the car, so not sure what we are gonna do :P

Amrutha Ragavan said...

lol! funny one..

Santh said...

:-) good article. it is funny. vrushab kalakaaran.

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