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3 1/2 sleepy hours of prepartion apparently were not enough to pass Oregon's Knowledge based driving test, I failed unfortunately :( My first failure ever in life, too bad it had to happen now.

The worst was not failing the test but the response it met from my family. My dad says " Now do you know how hard it is to study when you have a child?". I don't think that preparing for this counted as studying necessarily. My sister " So did you fail in TN also when you took your driver's license test?", the overachiever scored a 99%..who cares really..a pass is a pass. And K had to open his big mouth and say "Was it really that hard, really Anu..you should have done better." At this time I remembered a certain friend of mine who managed to fail his test not once, not twice, but 5 times. At least I have not hit rock bottom yet.

Ah..the humiliation of it all, I am amazed I am even alive today. But the good news is I took it again yesterday and passed with a decent 85%. Not bad for a working mother I should say :P

P.S. I also leaked the questions to K who managed to score a just pass of 80%, humpf!


Valli Doll said...

So K also passed thanks to u :P

Kumari said...

Aanalum unakke ithu too mucha thonala? appo naan Bits-la vaangina duck-ellame pass thaana? :)

Anu Karthik said...

Mayur: yes he did and is very ungrateful!

Kumari: BITS la fail le ille de, D is also a valid grade thaane :) and athu naan oru ketaa kanava nenachu maranthutein :)

Amrutha Ragavan said...

girl..first time failure ku ivalo feel aagara..enna maadiri, college station TX la 3 times test edhuthu licence vaanginathuku, pass is all I'm looking for :)

Anu Karthik said...

Ammu: I have heard in TX the tests are much harder, I have another friend who failed his driving test 5 times. Seri..ippo eppidi otuve ne :P

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