There in no selfless good deed

Author: Anu Karthik / Labels: ,

When Joey Tribbiani told Phoebe Buffay that "There is no selfless good deed out there", he in fact knew what he was talking about it.

Think about it, doesn't the warm glow from just having your smile reciprocated see you through most of the morning?
If you do donate on a regular basis, then I am sure you get a warm glow everytime that dollar leaves your hand.
If you did find time to do some volunteer work, well that can see you through a whole month or if not longer just thinking about it.
Need i say that time spent with a pet just brings all our happy hormones alive that it is worth experiecing once if not always.
And if you are lucky enough to do good to a child, to interact with the old, the homless or the aged, well that is a memory you can carry for life!

I have to agree with Joey, I get more good than ever from doing any good deed than the receiver for sure.


Valli Doll said...

Giving is an art...what goes around comes around we give only to get back something :D

Anu Karthik said...

I guess so :)

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