Anal Melae Panithuli

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I meant to watch this song right after I saw this post on this little midget's blog, but did not get to it until today.

I don't have anything new to say on Surya as I am pretty speechless whenever I see him look into my eyes, ahem! ( I know he looks into the camera or into whichever pretty lass is paired with him but I like to think it is me he is looking at every single time)

So anyway the point of this post is that I think slowly Indian movies are quietly accepting and endorsing pre-marital sex. This is just one such example. Pls refer to portion in video where the marriage happens after not before a pretty sensuous scene unlike in older movies. In my opinion it is a personal choice, and a trend that is trying to keep up with bringing on screen what happens in our daily lives. I am OK with that but not with the hypocrisy of taking Khusboo to task for her comments on the same and giving a "U" to such movies which in their own way are saying the same thing.


Meera said...

Wht happ with Khushboo was utterly stupid but also a bit made up... This is a great melody and surya looks jus as handsome as ever.

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