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The name Chloe might bring to your mind a beautiful girl. This is what the wiki has to say, "". I am definitely talking about a beautiful lady, but a lady dog.

Our friends have this really cute 8 year old (56 in dog years) dog called Chloe. When we visited the first time, she was besotted with V as she had never seen a baby in a while. My son did not bat any eyelid and he had no clue what was going on. When we put him to sleep in his car seat, this smart lady would open doors (literally) to go peep in to see what kind of a creature he was. Admist all this my son blissfully slept. This was 5 months ago :)

Then came yesterday and we visited them again. This time there was reciprocal from V and he was touching Chloe and trying to understand that this is how the dog that I keep pointing to in books looks like. She was also going through a tough time as she was going to dog school to be disciplined, apparently she licks and does stuff she is not *supposed* to do and is learning to behave :) He was excited, it was 10:30 pm and way past his bedtime. I don't want anyone judging us for the kind of parents we are for keeping a 14 month old up at this time on a workday, we did not stop him from sleeping for one thing. It was a choice he made. Finally at 10:30 pm I took a reluctant V to bed on the second floor of their beautiful home and put him to sleep on the bed in their master bedroom which was generously offered. And then came down for some adult conversation.

We kept going up every 10 min to check on him to see if was sleeping or awake. All was good until 11:20 pm when I went up and heard him awake and crying before I opened the door. I saw a sight which I will never forget. There curled up in the corner of the king size bed was Chloe sleeping next to V. And my son was awake and sitting up crying a little bit. I was surprised and at the same time found the situation hilarious :) She had opened the door to the bedroom and come and slept next to him. And BTW this was one thing she is not *allowed* to do. Darn, I did not have a camera to record the moment. I was thankful that V was not scared or shaken and he quickly climbed on to me and snuggled on my shoulder. Chloe looked at me with huge eyes trying to understand what was going on. It was priceless.

Long story short, we all came home and V and I slept peacefully but K has been having sleepless night for fear that we will soon have to have an addition to our house, maybe a Chloe!


Meera said...

Now i wish u had a cam... Its a good thing V is not scared but his dad is another story huh?

Anu Karthik said...

for sure. K is scared of all things dear to me- pets,rollercoaster and what not, sigh!

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