R.I.P. Phone

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Jan 17th 2010

TimeSeptember 2008, flashback

K: Anu, this is the best phone. It looks really good. See how it is sleek and thin and will serve you well. Now you take this and I will take the Samsung Glyde. 

This is how Mr. K cheated me into getting this dumb phone (Gleam something it was). This was a little over a year and a half ago.

TimeJan 10th 2010, present

A: Appa, yeah I am just getting dinner and lunch for tomorrow ready, packing our lunch boxes. It is back to work tomorrow.
Apps ( K's dad): What is kuttu doing? Give the phone to him.
V: Baa Baa Bu. Um? Ummmm... Kaput!

[He threw the phone into hot milk that I had left on the counter for cooling for purposes of orakuthufying. So much for that].

Apps ( K's dad): Hello Kuttu, enna panre..blub blub blub....

And I watched in dismay as my phone and what little gleam left it in drowned in the hot milk. I tried to retrieve it and in the process burned my fingers [the milk was hot] remember? 

After drying and leaving in a rice bag for a couple of days, it powers up, oh yeah! But starts calling people on its own and gets voice activated and I hear " Say a command".

I did say somethings you don't want to hear and buried it and my anger at the father and the son who joint handedly left me phoneless :(


Santh said...

ha ha ha. why did you offer poo to the fone? since it is dead or somebody when they tried calling you said "anu fone dead a iruku" :-).
paavam V.

Anu Karthik said...

@Ssanth: samadhi mela poo veppa la, athu maari thaan.

Meenchi said...


Anu Karthik said...

@ meenchi:soluve de, phone ponathu ennode thane!

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