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Nov 30th 2009

Have you ever tried to look up something on google, only to be returned with 35,000 search results? The one time I don't mind that is when I look myself up :) It is a different story that only 10 of those search results pertain to me, but who is counting. And the one time I absolutely hate it is when I am looking up a recipe. C'mon really how many ways can there be to make a simple daal or a sabji?

But then I can just pick the first recipe I feel reasonable and go on. But noooooooo. I have to read at least 10 to make sure I have the best recipe possible and have not missed any *secret* ingredient. Just like women, who have to check out the sarees in all the stores in the surrounding area before they come back to the very first store and pick the very first saree that caught their eye. Easier if we did that in the first place right :P But then if we did not look *thoroughly* how can we be assured that that one is the absolute best? Something men will never understand.

Back to the point, and then in the process of this recipe lookup, I stumble upon some blogs that are just amazing. I need to swoon looking at the template and in some cases the photos of the food, and in many many cases at the passion and zeal with which many of these people maintain their blogs. Preconceived notion again, when I see a simply amazing blog that is well updated, in my mind I make this excuse "This person surely must be working on this full time, and not work outside the house, maybe does not have kids, or else how come?". And how I am proved wrong again and again. Many of them are working full time with more than one kid and do this as a hobby to my wonder. The factors I sometimes use in my life as excuses, fuel these individuals to do more! It just means, 24 hrs is all everyone got - what you do with yours and what ranks high up the priority list, is your call!


Meera said...

Romba introspect pannathey ma.... results might be dreadfull :)
But i hate it when there are too many recipes too..

Anu Karthik said...

@ meera: introspection with common sense is good de. you will do that too once you evolve more in the kitchen :)

MaySan said...

Recipe look ups are an amazing way to spend time ;)

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