First 3miler for me

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Feb 3rd 2010

Laugh if you must, but it is an achievement for me. I was never a runner, both because I never tried and also because I was never athletically built for starters. Sports in school has always been limited to the P.T. class (Physical training). I was good at Kho-Kho however, though K who was (almost) a state-level player scoffs at me everytime I say that. Whatever :P. {Remember Koundamani and Senthil when they say you are 1oth fail but I am 8th std pass?}

Memories of sport for me include kho-kho at school and also requesting to be a substitute for volleyball so I could go to school level zonals competition. A day of missed classes was so much fun and looked forward to at that time. And if you might include the badminton that we played with our gate as the net, ahem. It worked at that time. My dad surrounded by females (we are 2 sisters) and my mother, gave up that there was no way any of us were going to share or even be able to understand his passion for cricket. All in all, you get the picture.

Graduate school opened new doors for me when it came to what all I was missing in trying out new activities and honing my few skills. I pursued everything I could with almost a vengeance. I enjoyed it, those are some of the best years of my life on a personal development level. I got more active and loved the benefits it brought, but I never did run much even then.

So when on Monday I ran my first 3m just because I got it into my head, I felt exhilarated. With Villu songs and Kovai Sarala's voice ringing in my ears, and 40F weather, I ran some, barely moved some but did it. It was a very proud moment in my life :D 

Here's to more runs hopefully! Maybe I shouldn't say that because V already makes me run around quite a bit.

P.S. For runners/walkers - I love this lets you map the distance you want to take on-


Meera said...

Its awesome to be active.. I think u have to be proud of the 3M run :):)
You are good at aerobics too right.. i rem seeing ur wedding pic and wondering where was the anu i remember.. i admire u for ur determination and interest in life :)

MaySan said...

Congrats Anu :)

Santh said...

oh good. great start. Remember the adage "miles to go before I sleep" just to motivate you for your next run. i feel sorry for your dad, the odd man out :-).

kaka said...

cCongrats Anu....Keep running...

Anu Karthik said...

@ meera: thanks for the encouragement, will try to live up to it. I used to teach aerobics at Vandy and was AAFA certified for a year. Trying to get back to it, will see.
@May & Santh: thanks, enga appa va vidu, avarukku vera velai illai karthik maari eppo parthalum cricinfo.
@kk: unnaku blog padika time irukka, wow! seri, eppo oda vare?

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