Why facebook still rocks my world

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Sept 28th 2010

  1. For starters, you just have to press a button and like to stay in touch, you don't even have to type or say a word, it cannot get easier than that. C'mon lets get realistic here. I know the dislike button would complete it, but one of life's important lessons is to learn to be CONTENT:)
  2. You can really develop yourself as a person by having conversations from mutliple people from so many walks of life, all on your wall, just in one space. Where else can you do that without conflict?
  3. With the number of explict updates some people provide, it is very much like watching a real time reality show, only this time you know it is true :P
  4. You can find out what happened to your ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend too, without appearing nosy :)
  5. Someone for once asks you what is on your mind and really allows you to say what you want.
Let's admit it, what else is going on in your life/work that is more interesting or addictive :D

P.S. I am impatient to think of more 'cos I have to get back to fb :)


Meera said...

of all things its the point 4 thats makes u like fcb so much right...

MaySan said...

LOL Anu. Facebook allows u to like something, without even making an explicit comment, which is what I like most :)

Anu Karthik said...

@ Meera: I have dual thoughts about that, sometimes I feel fb forces me to know even if I don't want to.
@ Mayura: I like :D

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