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  • Watch it NOT because you can BUT because you cannot not watch it :D
  •  Watch it NOT as a movie BUT for the experience of it
  • Watch it NOT because you are a Rajni fan BUT if you are not and you will know why you should be one
  •  Watch it NOT as a Shankar or a Rajni film BUT for the sheer magnus opum that it is. Something you have never seen before and anything you see after will only be an imitation
  •  Watch it NOT for Aishwarya’s acting BUT for how she looks. So breathtaking that if I were a machine I would fall nut over bolt in love with her too!
  •  Watch it NOT for ARR’s music BUT for his singing. He rocks Irumbile oru Iruthaiyum mulaithatho
  •  Watch it NOT for the mediocre second half BUT for the inimitable stupendous first half that makes you thirst for more
  •  Watch it NOT for the old age romance between the lead pair BUT for the techno age romance between Chitti and Sana
  •  Watch it NOT for the scenes between Chitti V2.0 and Dr.Vasi BUT for the scenes between Chithi V1 and Vasi that question the integrity of humans
  •  Watch it NOT NOT NOT for Santhanam and Karunas BUT so surely for Rajini’s trademark comic timing brought to life in his robot role (My favorites – Rangusky and Who’s that Chellaatha?)
  •  Watch it NOT for the exotic locales in the songs BUT for the technical perfection and seamless editing in every scene with more than one of the same character
  •  Watch it NOT for Machu Pichu BUT for the heaven showcased in Kadhal Annukal
  •  Watch it NOT for the choreography BUT for the grace that Aishwarya showcases so effortlessly
  •  Watch it NOT for Aishwarya’s costumes BUT for Chithi’s makeup
  •  Watch it NOT for Peter Heins and Resul Pookutty BUT for Cochin Hanifa and Sujatha - talents who are no more and are sorely missed
  •  Watch it NOT for Shankar’s famed picturization BUT for the spell bounding scenes once Chithi V2.0 is born
  •  Watch it NOT looking for a screenplay BUT for the genre of SCI-FI that Shankar has so absolutely successfully brought to Indian cinema
  •  Finally watch the movie to believe that there is such a thing called FATE. A movie that two stars in their own right refused only to be taken by one who with his larger than life image fits the role to a T and rocks it like no other!


Santh said...

hi anu. we shall watch the movie for what you have written. also we'll watch at your place sometime.

Anu Karthik said...

@ Santh: sure! We are waiting to own the DVD but it won't be for sometime anyway I think.

nithya said...

Anu, I love reading anything you write, you're so creative and good at it! Keep doing what you do, keep being what you be :-)

Anu Karthik said...

@Nithya: Thank you :) This encouragement goes a long way!

Vivek Devadevan said...


Anu Karthik said...

@ Vivek: Nadri nanbaaaaaaaa

Meera said...

Rajni rocks and so do the special effects.
When will V be old enuf to whistle for a rajni movie?

Anu Karthik said...

@ Meera: V watched the whole movie with us when I went for second show and Karthik for first show :D

SriAndal said...

wow...nice poetic description for the movie,the best review i've read so far for Endhiran..Great anu..U rock !!

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