Naan Mahaan Alla ( I am not a saint)

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Oct 31st 2010

I sat to watch this movie because my husband said it was good and I did not have a choice; without having a clue what it was about. The last movie I had seen of Karthik's was Paiyya and I was sorely disappointed. The movie I saw before that Paruthiveeran was so gross it made me throw up and not sleep for weeks together. So one can imagine the mind frame with which I would have started and how wrong I was.

I would classify this in the same genre as Anjathey , if you thought that was good, you would love this. And this movie again reinforced how much new talent Tamil cinema so proudly showcases. It is a dark thriller that keeps one glued to their seats from the first scene to the last. Nothing is what one would expect in this movie, no regular villains, no larger than life hero, however in the dumb heroine who cannot act to save her life department Kajal Agrawal is dead on! She looks cute so I let it pass. If you do not like dark movies, please skip this. If you are the kind that can watch it as a movie without getting affected then don't miss it! It exposes you to a kind of evil that you wish did not exist, that which you cannot control and that which you fear and hope you don't ever come across. 

Karthi is great in this role. He has a casual demeanor that suits very well and the comedy scenes come naturally to him. However all the scenes between him and Kajal Agrawal can easily be passed, that would be a good time to get a snack. The people in negative roles in this movie are so menacing and convey so much without much effort that I struggle to erase them from memory. The latter part of the movie is highly engrossing and very very well crafted.  Every scene is so real and the background so apt you have no trouble believing where you are. The devastating visuals of Tsunami ravaged areas are very desolate and chilling.

The climax is very apt and one thing I can assure you of - As calmly as the protagonist walks away, no viewer can walk away from this movie.


Meera said...

I liked it too... They tried to do many things/scenes differently.. some worked and some dint. I actually loved Paruthiveeran except the climax :(:(
This was chilling and the villans are ruthless yet so young. Nice screenplay.. good timepass. Although i would recommend BOSS engira baskaran for great laughs.

karthik said...

One of the better movies in recent times, though not many people liked it. BOSS is one of the best timepass movies till date :)

Lavanya said...

I was one of the few who didn't like this movie though I liked Anjathey :( Karthi has done well in this movie definitely. Nothing to beat BOSS for entertainment so far..

Anu Karthik said...

@ Meera: I agree about Paruthiveeran but the climax was so horrible and unnecessary that I still get nightmares thinking about it. Pointless movie man that was.
At interval for boss..not super impressed so far
@Karthik: halfway through boss, hope to complete by end of the week
@ laavi: I said this movie was good, but I never said I liked it :P Sadly i am unable to watch movies of this genre any more. Romba affect aaiye rod vangarein. So with this movie I have decided no more horror or terror movies :)

MaySan said...

Agree entirely. That daadi wala still scares me :(

Anu Karthik said...

@ Mayura: are u able to sleep now or no :D

MaySan said...

Sleeping well now :)

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