Joys of Motherhood

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I am no longer Anu-the daughter, or the sister, or the daughter in law, not Paapu-the wife, not Aanu- the aerobics instructor, not Anu- the doctoral candidate, I became an "Amma" and my life has changed forever. To my mother, a thousand god salutes!! While I cannot be in a happier place, raising a child does have its share of challenges. Here are a few that I experience and I’ve only just begun.

  1. COSTCO and are my new best friends
  2. "Me” time is the biggest joke I have ever heard
  3. Eating, sleeping, using the loo and taking a shower in leisure are no longer necessities, they are luxuries
  4. “Poop” is talked about at least once if not more times in a day
  5. Criteria for new friends: They need to have kids or like kids
  6. Criteria for old friends: need to have e-mail or be on online networks, I barely talk to anyone on the phone
  7. Couple time/Dating/Romance –yeah, been there done that!
  8. S.L.E.E.P, oh how I miss you!
  9. Dirty dishes and clothes keep piling up much quicker than I can even say “DONE”
  10. How someone only 34 inches tall can have SO *much* stuff
  11. My list of top 10 inventions of the century goes like this a) diaper b) baby monitor c) washable get the picture
  12. My reading these days is limited to a half a page of the parenting magazine ( sometimes I can’t find where V put the rest of it)
  13. Watching a movie is a week long process, especially Indian ones
  14. Jeans most days, different t-shirts, hair always in a ponytail..yeah, you can spot me a mile away, and my sense of style has taken quite a beating I must say
  15. A good day at work is when there is no meeting at 4:30 and I can get a workout at lunch, and my boss smiles when we cross each other in the hallway :)


Valli Doll said...

And your happiness is in V's accomplishments. He is able to walk today, he is saying amma-appa and not in your achievements!

Sri said...

And what always amazes me is inspite of being swamped you still find time to write :) That is what I like best in you. Managing time well.

Ms.N said...

nice one.

the good thing is that this will pass. the bad thing is that this will pass. :)

Anu Karthik said...

@mayur : yeah..i guess the happiness in V's accomplishments started from the time I began to count pooping as one of them :)
@sri: thanks
@ N: I know, happy here, happy tough :)

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