Airtel Super Singer Junior 2

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I am talking about the program that airs on Star Vijay. We have this channel at home as you require a world channel subscription to watch Cricket. One of the umpteen rackets these sattelite companies have. And since Cricket is K's first love (thankfully not the only love), I had to succumb.
When I get lunch ready for the next day, K takes the jr to bed (or atleast is supposed to). Many a times I have caught them both enjoying this program instead of getting prepped for sleep. Since V is feeling sleepy earlier these days I had the chance to catch part of it yesterday, and I am very glad I did.
While I do belong to the school that is against encouraging children into media this early in age as I feel it brings with it many feelings/situations they are not equipped to handle and makes them grow out of their childhood very soon, I was bowled over by the talent showcased. While most of the singers are atleast good, some are just exceptional. There are a lot of poignant moments when the child performs, the parents watch with expectation and pride, and the judges encourage ever so softly. It is very engrossing to say the least. I have a hard time trying to not cry when the elimination occurs, these are kids for god's sake!
Anyway, if you are able to see should watch it. It is a wonderful showcase of amazing talent.


Meera said...

I can't appreciate reality shows.. its over rated and so artifical!!!Dancing with the starts, airtel super singer.. all of it. Maybe with kids performing it would be a different experience. Will have to wait for tamil channel subscription though :-)
(I love the layout.. very contemporary)

Anu Karthik said...

@ meera: i totally agree with you on that..but you gotta watch this, the talent is totally something else. And the judges have downplayed the drama a lot in this one. Thanks (very happy you noticed), it was love at first sight :D

Sugeeth said...

Its really good and encouraging for the little kids who win and for the proud parents. But what about the poor ones who lose or get eliminated?

Especially with all the slo-mo and pathos BGM, and the camera zooms on little crying faces, how many kids can understand that this is a show primarily not to encourage their talent, but to make money?

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