Fantabulous Halloween

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Nov 2nd 2009

I really have no other words to describe this halloween at home. With a toddler who was absolutely not interested and weather that called for crawling near the heater, we ourselves had no plans to go trick or treating. Esp. since at this point the only trick V would perform would probably be to throw his costume on the ground and run over it.We have moved into this community only about 5 months ago and had no idea what to expect in terms of other kids trick or treating and were hoping maybe a few would show up. So we waited with 2 packs of Hersheys and milky bars (sorry, I ate a couple). And in the past, we have never had any kids show up, so this would be plenty in our opinion. How wrong we were :P

When we heard the doorbell ring for the first time 6 ish, we were eager and all 3 of us went and opened the door. A few kids had come - a fairy, a lion and some others I did not recognize. They were thrilled that we had Hersheys and grabbed more than a couple each. They were kids so I saw no reason for stopping them, but in retrospect I should have. Because the doorbell never stopped ringing after that. We had kids show up back to back and we ran out of chocolates within the first 1/2 half hour. And there were hordes coming. We could see them down the road, and up the street. They even came from other neighborhoods in packs in vans and parked themselves on our street. I introduced myself like an idiot to a parent with some kids thinking I should know my neighbors, only to have her tell me, she does not even live here.

Our friend KK was heading to our place so we urgently asked him to get us more candy. In the meantime I packed every eatable snack in my home, bourbon and orange cream biscuits, some full size hersheys bars, pears etc. in brown bags for these ghosts and ghouls who were at my door. It was a frenzy and so much fun! We even borrowed some candy from our neighbors to give away. It was shameful :( Luckily for us, KK arrived at the nick of time.

We gave candy easily to at least 200 kids on Halloween. Some costumes were very nice. Some of my favorites were R2-D2 from Star Wars, the usual animals, some witches and fairies, mickey, some crazy wigs, incredible and other famous cartoon characters and just the kids coming up were so adorable. There was a guy dressed as a ghost who scared the crap out of V. There were some teenagers who were so lame and came in tracks and just a cape. I am gonna kick them out next time, no candy :) So many different characteristics too if you care to notice. Some kids grabbed the candy, some took only one even when offered more, some cared to thank you, some ran amok. Some waited for their turn, some almost knocked me over. And, we had our last visitors at 8:30 pm to whom I only had a couple of pears to offer. There were thankful and said their mom would actually let them eat the fruit as opposed to candy.

We so enjoyed the evening. Our whole street was filled with all the people I have craved to see all these months. It was the closest to Diwali I have felt here in the US of A. It is a beautiful memory for me, and I am already planning what treats I will be giving my trick or treaters next year. If you are in the neighborhood do pay us a visit and I assure you, you will not be disappointed :)


Meera said...

By next halloween you are going to be trick or treating with V and K is going to give out the candies :-)
I think its only at the end of the year this country wakes up :-)

Anu Karthik said...

@meera: that i agree. and also people work only between jan and may, in the summer they are off because kids are off from school and then from aug to oct. once it is halloween then it is the holidays!

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